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OpenSSN is a submarine simulator (sometimes referred to as a subsim) for modern classes of submarine. The player is able to pilot their submarine, detect vessels and engage enemy ships. The game focuses on the tactical aspect of commanding a submarine, leaving many of the minor details up to the AI crew.

The code for OpenSSN is based on LinuxSSN, a subsim project which laid down a good foundation and then was discontinued around 2003. The LinuxSSN project was licensed under the GPLv2 and we are carrying on that tradition. We have ported OpenSSN to Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, PC-BSD and OS X (64-bit) and hope to expand to include native packages for as many operating systems as possible.

Please see the download page for information on installing and using this program. Should you have questions or bug reports, please see our contact page.

Instructions on how to install and make use of OpenSSN can be found in the project's README file. We also have a copy of the user manual in PDF format.